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Voice Lessons

Discover the Vocal Secrets shared by Hundreds of Grammy Winners with Lani Star’s exciting New Singing System!

Many International Celebrities, including an American Idol Finalist, have trained with Lani. Find Out Why!

With Lani Star’s Vocal Training System you’ll learn how to sing like a star in just a few short weeks!

Imagine mesmerizing your family and friends at a party, or following your passion by becoming a professional singer and getting paid to do what you love best! The great news is, with Lani Star’s Star Quality Singing System, it is possible!

Even if you can’t sing in tune, don’t worry; Lani’s Star Quality Singing System will transform your voice so you can sing in tune with incredible command, control, expression, and range!

And the great thing about Lani’s Star’s Star Quality Singing System is that it’s so incredibly simple no prior musical training is needed! All you have to do is follow her easy step by step singing system, and you will begin noticing a dramatic and wonderful difference in your voice... even on the very first lesson!

Private voice lessons with Lani Star are available at her Studio in Maui or via telephone conferencing.

Contact Lani so she can help you achieve a star quality voice!
Email: Phone: 808-878-8888

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For corporate clients or touring artists, Lani is available for off-site sessions. Lani Star is also keynote speaker for major corporate and public events throughout the world. Her vast knowledge of the human voice and many years of teaching celebrities from America Idol finalist to Grammy Award Winning Artist makes her talks incredibly entertaining and educational.