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The Magic of Healing - 2 CD Set
Created For Deepak Chopra

The Magic of Healing CD - Deepak ChopraBecVars most successful project is his immensely popular two album series, The Magic of Healing Music, created for best selling author Deepak Chopra. The series, based on ancient Ayurvedic principles popularized by Dr. Chopra, consists of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, each intended to balance the particular dosha for which it was named. BecVar worked closely with Dr. Chopra and with Dr. David Simon, director of The Chopra Center, on the project. The series continues to be a top seller.

These beautiful, heartfelt, pieces were developed to give contemporary expression to the ancient principles of healing sounds. A meditative and artful mix of acoustic guitar, synth- keyboard orchestration and recorder flute.

Band members: Bruce BecVar: acoustic guitar, Shakti Harp, keyboards & recorder flutes Brian BecVar: keyboards


The Nature of Things

The Nature of Things CD This piece of art is God-inspired. Here Bruce creates wonderful melodies, arrangements, with brilliant acoustical guitar embellishment that catalyzes a lifting of heart and soul, if not an out of body experience. We are all grateful to Bruce BecVar, for sharing and bring joy and happiness through the gifts of his talents.


Forever Blue Sky

Forever Blue Sky CD The name says it all... this album transports people to another place, another time... out of time really. It brings Maui to mind, a subtly tropical place filled with light and dancing form... a place with foamy ocean breezes and intangibly sublime but subtle with fragrances. For those sensitive enough to open up to its vibration and splendor, it will be truly rewarding.


Take It To Heart

Take It To HeartAnother geat CD from Bruce BecVar.r


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