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Mystic Sound: Healing Music Retreats

Join internationally acclaimed composer and best-selling co-author, award winning vocalist, Bruce BecVar and Lani Lalita Star as they guide you through a week of wellness and healing using timeless music & vocal principles, fused with Grammy and Oscar winning vocal techniques.

Mystic Sound retreats are a five-day transformative journey filled with balance, healing, discovery, and awakening. Offered only a few times a year, Mystic Sound will help you clear your mind, lessen anxiety, detoxify your body, empower your nutrition, manage stress, re-center yourself and bring peace, health and wellness into your life.

In addition to a mind-body-spirit consultation with Bruce and Lani you will learn techniques, personal solutions and daily routines to help you move beyond the career, relationship and personal challenges that may trap you in current patterns. Each day you will learn and practice the ancient art of Mystic Sound Meditations, practice Yoga and or Tai Chi and connect at deeper levels of the soul with Bruce BecVar and Lani Lalita Star founders of “Mystic Sound” in an intimate environment.

Mystic Sound also includes a series of rejuvenating vocal and music therapies and exercises. This profoundly healing and restorative treatments has been used for thousands of years to increase the body’s energy, strengthen the immune system, and promote optimal vitality and health.

Mystic Sound is a five-day program that takes place in the nurturing and judgment-free environment at one of the Mystic Sound retreat locations and is limited to 35 attendees to ensure an intimate and personal experience.

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